Chronic Back Pain Resolved, Weight Loss, and Better Sleep!

My results are 15 pounds lost, clarity, sound sleep, and satiated from eating a healthy combination of foods. Much to my surprise 9 years of L4 and L5 back pain from a bulging disc cleared up! My husband and I came on board with Terry and Becky after seeing the incredible results my skeptic friends had achieved! I was feeling frustrated with constant fatigue, brain fog, restless sleep, stubborn weight, and back pain (in addition to the usual 60 year old aches and pains that seem to suddenly appear). I run at a pretty fast pace, have always been a high energy person and my husband says I work circles around him. Yet the quality of our aging lives and the road ahead did not look so pretty. Paradigm Wellness has made a huge difference in our lives and the personalized coaching, education and friendship of Terry and Becky has been the critical step needed to a healthier lifestyle. The plan is solid and makes perfect sense after a lifetime of experiments I tried to improve my health and diet. I am pleased with the education they provide, and the personal and genuine interest they took in me. Terry and Becky have given me the tools needed to define a new normal and have empowered me to take the responsibility needed for my health and wellness. I am grateful for their investment in us and am thrilled with the results, the education, trusted resources, and a friendship with real people who live it themselves. I have the results to prove it!

No More Migraine Headaches!

I came to Terry and Becky needing help with chronic migraines. Prior to starting the Paradigm Wellness program, I was waking up every day with severe migraines and low energy levels. As an active 23-year-old, this put a strain on my social life, academic career, and mental health. For four years I was taking at least 800mg of ibuprofen every day, and most days I was taking some form of migraine medication on top of that. I found myself napping any chance I could and was forcing myself to get through the day. Within two weeks of following the program, my migraines were completely gone. I cannot remember the last time I had to take any form of medication to ease my migraine pains. I am no longer struggling with waking up every day- in fact I look forward to it! My energy levels have increased tremendously since starting the program; the quick results amazed me! I came to Terry and Becky looking for chronic migraine relief and the program heavily exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to continuing the program and expanding my natural healing knowledge with Paradigm Wellness!

Deb - Out Of Options, Discouraged, and Losing Hope...
Major Improvement From 14 Years of Chronic Lyme disease

Dear Terry and Becky, What a blessed journey it has been the past 85 days of working through the cleanse with the two of you! On August 21, 2017 I began this adventure at an all time low in my life. Suffering from Lyme disease of 14 years and depression that developed during the Summer months. I had lost my desire to fight. A Summer where I could do nothing . But I want to report now, that I have my life back! Within a couple weeks I noticed my receding gums were not as sensitive. I’ve not done a fluoride treatment since then! Most nights I am able to sleep without waking up to leg and feet cramps. I sleep soundly, and restfully. I can follow a conversation for longer than 5 minutes without losing focus. The amount of energy that I have throughout the day is amazing. I can’t tell you when the last time I laid down for a nap, which was a regular occurrence prior to this process. The nerve damage in my feet and progressing up my legs caused 24/7 pain either walking, sleeping , or just sitting. There never was comfort in just sitting down and watching TV. I would have to get the sleeping legs awake. I can say now that as I walk in shoes I have no pain in my right foot. And the left foot had better hurry up and heal! I walked TODAY for 3 miles and that foot still didn’t hurt when I was done. By the way, I couldn’t walk this summer due to the severe pain in the L4-5 area. It has been compromised by nerve issues since January 2017. On a visit to my Physical Therapist after 8 weeks on this journey she was amazed at the release of muscle tension in my feet, ankles, and arches! I have been with her for 3 1/2 years. As I left her office she said, “I don’t know when I will see you again? I have nothing to report to insurance”. Prior to this, we were doing “dry needle” acupuncture in the bottom of my feet just so I could have some relief from major daily pain. I was having problems with vertigo in the Spring that we were treating with Physical Therapy too. Not since we started with you! The pain in my back was steadily at a level 9-10. Today I can easily say we are at maybe a 3 with some tightness, but not the electrical shooting pain that I would have. I was able to vacuum today before my walk! My vision has IMPROVED! I was having problems reading, and found myself taking my glasses off to read the fine print. The Optometrist told me that my vision had improved and my glasses were too strong! Just this morning, as I look at my fine lines on my face I see that the eye tags are shrinking, not as big and ugly. Truly this approach has the ability to fix things that I wasn’t even concerned about! What are you waiting for? Act now! Before it’s too late and your put on a waiting list by Terry and Becky.

Connie - Multi Tasker Hits The Wall. Makes A Comeback!
Fatigue, stress, headaches, brain fog no more...

I came to Terry and Becky needing help. My life was in a tailspin after years of caregiving, and I didn't know what to do. I told Becky, I just needed someone to educate me on the options, suggestions on what to buy, and how to use everything until I could get back on my feet. They did just that. In just 6 weeks my chronic headaches improved dramatically, brain fog lifted, mental clarity increased, physical energy skyrocketed, and my chronic foot pain stopped.  I don't take afternoon naps anymore. I lost 15 pounds!  After 6 weeks my doctor said my blood work was "remarkable - like a different person (for the better!) compared to my last visit."  Becky and Terry took me by the hand and taught me how to get back to the land of the living. They know what they're talking about and genuinely care about the well being of their clients. I highly recommend Terry and Becky.

Karen - Surprizingly Fast Results!
Overactive Bladder, Insomnia, Weight Loss, and Energy Resolved

Hi my name is Karen. I have been so incredibly pleased with the quick results we have seen in my own health that I will adopt this lifestyle as a way of life.   My one true issue was an "overactive bladder".  I had been taking Oxybutrin for about 4 months when we began.  After two weeks of clean, organic food and clean water I was not having any symptoms of an overactive bladder and stopped taking my medication. After 10 weeks I am still medication free. I have lost the weight that I gained during menopause - I am down 20 pounds from one year ago.  This is the first time in 20 years I haven't been fighting my weight gain.   The other area of weakness is insomnia which has been my nemesis for years.  This was a slower process to improve but this approach again has helped my sleep to be more naturally induced.  Terry and Becky have worked patiently with me each week in getting my food choices and other things in just the right balance to get my sleep to its optimum.  As of today, almost every night is a very good night of sleep.  The real bonus for me has been the amount of increased energy and clarity of my mind.  I am 61 years old and we have 4 grandchildren, ages 3 and under.  I feel my ability to interact with these little ones is at its maximum.   I found great comfort in the firsthand knowledge and training that Terry and Becky have received first for themselves, and now their true desire is to help everyone feel better and live a more productive life for as long as we are on this earth.   They are patient and contagious in sharing this good news for us all.    This is my new life, and I like it a lot. I will continue to follow this lifestyle for life!  

Dave - Thought Diabetes Was a Life Sentence
Type 2 Diabetes - No More Insulin!

Terry and Becky are a God send. I was a type II diabetic taking 8-10 units of insulin every evening along with other typical meds for type II diabetic. Along with being a diabetic, I had borderline severe sleep apnea and woke up 5-7 times in the middle of the night to urinate. I was also tired during the day and experienced brain fog on a regular basis. After being on this life changing path for 2-3 months I no longer take insulin and am in the process of reducing my diabetic meds. My A1C glucose level plummeted from 7.7 down to 6.4! I also have been sleeping much better, waking up only 0-2 times a night resulting in much more energy with mental clarity during the day. I had no idea that my issues were going to be vastly improved. Yes, it was hard at first to change my eating habits, but it sure has paid off and now it’s a routine which has become second nature. Thank you so much Terry and Becky!

Bruce - College Professor Regains Vitality!
Lost 20 lbs, Mental Alertness, Improved Sleep, Stopped Snoring, Warts Cleared

I became involved with Paradigm Wellness in an effort to support my wife, Deb, as she continued to seek relief from Chronic Lyme Disease. Her results were fantastic (more on that later). As for me, I figured it would help me lose 20 lbs. or so and would improve  my general health. I have a past history of heart disease with triple bypass surgery and 4 stents since 1989.  As we followed Terry and Becky’s leading, I did lose 20 pounds rather quickly with the great benefit of being able to wear those old clothes I had saved in the back of the closet for when I was slim again. My wife is a great cook and made the transition in the kitchen immediately and the food was tasty, yet lost 20 lbs. almost as quickly as I had. I never drank so much water in all my life! My additional benefits were: 1.) sleeping through the night, 2.) Deb says I no longer snore, 3.) Sores and warts on my arms, legs and ankles are 90% gone, 4.) I am more mentally alert now says Deb, 5.) As a college professor interacting with students all day long, it is typical to catch one cold each semester, but I made it through this fall semester unscathed. 6.) Also, I have more energy after a day of work where I am on my feet most of the day. Regarding my wife, Deb, she was undiagnosed for 7 years and finally was diagnosed with Lyme disease, just like Terry. Deb was very hopeful and made great progress with this path after years of failed treatment approaches from a variety of doctors! We Skyped with Terry and Becky weekly with two other couples who came along side to also encourage her. I must admit to being skeptical as we had tried so many things before for Deb, but Terry and Becky held the key! Terry and Becky, thank you for all that you have done already for our family. I have reaped many improved wellness benefits because of you two. But the greatest benefit by far is to see my wife become way more energetic with much less pain and able to have a renewed mental outlook that is soooooooooo positive now. The girl I married 36 years ago is back! You both have such compassionate hearts for helping people and you accomplish this in such a loving way. We have especially enjoyed having so many laughs together over Skype. We love you guys. Again, thank you so much for all you have done!

Tom - Major Skeptic, Now a Believer!
High Blood Pressure, Brain Fog, Hip Arthritis Major Improvement

I started taking meds over a decade ago to control high blood pressure. I was concerned enough about my mental clarity and recall to get tested for dementia, which was determined to not be a problem. At the end of the day I would be out of gas and would start dozing off before 9:00 pm. The only other health issue I had is arthritis in my right hip which would often require ibuprofen to get to sleep. Two weeks after my new direction I noticed my pants were getting baggy. I have weighed 185 pounds for most of my adult life, although that weight has been redistributed as I aged. I got on the scales and was down to 170 pounds. That prompted me to check my blood pressure. The results (according to my doctor) indicated that I was able to back off my meds and about a week later I was off the meds altogether and my blood pressure was normal. That was almost 3 months ago. My weight is holding steady at 160 and I’m now trying to put weight back on. The thing I’m enjoying the most is having the brain fog lifted, better mental clarity, and improved recall. My hip is less of a problem and I rarely need the ibuprofen. This is beginning to sound like paid programing that runs in the middle of the night and I’m not suggesting that everyone will get these results, but it’s working for me! However, the “story behind my story” bears telling because I don’t follow trends and am a skeptic by nature. I don’t think that I’ve ever publicly endorsed anything. So this is clearly out of character for me. I’ve never had a reason to be concerned about what I eat. Frankly I’ve thought of organic, farm-raised, grass fed, free-range, farm to table as a brilliant marketing ploy to get gullible people to pay a premium for what they eat. Terry Dorner and I have worked together for the past 25+ years and I’ve been an eye witness to his very significant health issues and the myriad of corrective measure he’s attempted, many of them unconventional, with very little relief. When I found out about the approach he’s currently pursuing and sharing with others, and saw first-hand the improvement in his vitality and well being, I took notice. The truth is, my wife has had issues for years and she asked me to “go along for the ride” on her wellness journey with Becky and Terry. I started out supporting for my wife, but ended up with my vitality transformed and quality of my life greatly improved. This skeptic is a now a believer in Terry and Becky’s philosophy and approach to a great life!

Peter - Former X Games Athlete is Back in Action
Low Back Pain, Weight Gain, Limited Activity Resolved

I started with Terry's coaching and experience from Dr. Daniel's because I saw the benefits it was giving Terry in his battle with Lyme disease. I had herniated a disc at L5 and was having a sciatic nerve issue, that was negatively affecting my lifestyle, limiting my activity, causing pain, and resulting in weight gain. I had been a professional athlete – a world class barefoot waterskier - and thought that this type of thing came with the aging process at 53. I was wrong. I had made some progress with traction therapy but not enough to resume to an active lifestyle. I had also considered surgery, but was told that the disc was no longer impacting the nerve and the damage might be permanent and surgery would be of no benefit. The premise that giving your body the proper food, eliminating toxins so that the body did not have to work to fight the toxins and energy could be focused on self-repair made sense, so I gave it a serious try. I went into it with the mindset that I would take full advantage of the education Terry gave me so that I could evaluate progress without any hindrances. After starting I noticed that my back pain was dissipating and started to even barefoot water ski again – which requires lower back strength. I definitely noticed acceleration in the improvement of sharp pains in certain movements, strains and activities. The bottom line is that I am back on the water, competing (in my age division), and making it to the award podium! Some additional benefits that I also experienced (but did not anticipate), were as valuable to me as the positive progress of my back. They are: 1) About a 50% reduction in body fat and 20lbs weight loss 2) Reduction of mild headaches. 3) Increased mental focus. 4) Increased physical energy. In conclusion, I had previously had what would be considered a good eating plan and lifestyle but was off in a few areas that needed changing to get to the next level. With those changes, I could not be more pleased with the benefits I have received from my health. My wife is now seeing the changes in me and has implemented the program and is enjoying some benefits as well. I would encourage anyone to give this a serious try. Peter Fleck, Age 53; ESPN 2 time X Games Gold Medalist, (97 & 98 years); 9 Time US World Barefoot Waterski Team member; Former World Record Holder, Barefoot Jump.

Post Breast Cancer Lifestyle Change

Hi Terry and Becky, Since my successful breast cancer surgery I knew I had to change my lifestyle to reduce my chances of a re-occurance. I've been implementing a new way of eating for the last three weeks! After the first week I found that I was sleeping better, I was not having hot flashes!, my "all day energy" was much more level, and no afternoon slump. The chronic congestion in my throat is almost nonexistent and my general stiffness and pain has improved! I haven't been hungry at all! I enjoy my bulletproof coffee with all the good fats and don't feel deprived all. I've started back with my weight training three times a week and yoga. My strength is coming back. My general outlook on life as well as my emotional state has improved too. I attribute these improvements to clean organic, non Gmo foods, filtered water and no sugar! Thank you for helping me on my journey to a more vibrant and active life, as well as educating me on ways to avoid toxins! I'm feeling good!

Jim - Surprising Results!
Lost 25 lbs, improved eyesight, increased energy.

Over the last months I have experienced the following benefits. I have lost 25 lbs, my craving for sugar has disappeared, my skin looks 5 years younger, and my eyesight has improved. All things I would not have expected even had you told me it would happen before I began. At the start I was concerned I might not have the energy necessary to do the chores around our ranch. My endurance and strength have both increased. I explain it to my friends as the "Daniel Diet.” My wife and I are doing the program together. Years ago she was told her body was full of parasites the normal person was able to fight off and dominate. Somehow our 7 years of living in Southeast Asia had taken its toll. We returned to a ranch in Colorado to regain vitality. Slowly my wife improved. Five months ago we heard of Terry and Becky from a friend who had struggled with Lyme disease and was improving. We hoped Terry could help us. My wife is experiencing health benefits that indicate that the things that were holding her back presumably have been leaving her body. We are both encouraged by what we have experienced. She has increased energy. Both Terry and Becky are fighters for living a life with vitality, energy and joy. He has researched, and educated us as to my wife's options and we have greatly benefitted. They have helped us when doctors and traditional medicine have failed.

Mark - Results That Exceeded Expectations
Chronic Pain, Insomnia Resolved

My doctor advised me that I had hemochromatosis 18 months prior to this, plus I was having muscle spasms and ankle pain to the point where I could hardly walk. Pain became my partner and sleep was hard to find, taking naps most days. I was taking ibuprofen every day for the pain and sometimes sleeping pills at night so I could get some sleep, still getting up to many times at night (5 was typical) for the bathroom run that produced very little urine and kept me tired. By the way; I am 69 years old and have been very physically fit most of my life and never overweight. So I was not sure how this new routine would help me. I had come to believe that the rest of my life would just be the way it was. I found the first couple of weeks hard trying to develop this new way of eating and giving up some stuff that I loved to eat (stuff that I would find out was really bad for me). I lost 10 pounds within the first couple of weeks and started sleeping better. Just 4 weeks into the new lifestyle, I felt better than I had in years. I have some renewed energy that I had thought I lost for good, only wake up twice at night and go right back to sleep without any kind of drugs. I have only taken ibuprofen twice in these 3 months for a headache. My legs feel “younger” now; I have a bounce in my step and can even run. I don’t take naps anymore and have better mental clarity. Here is the backstory on how we got started with Terry and Becky. I have been friends with them since the early 90’s. Terry even taught my kids how to water ski. We moved away to a different state in 1999 but still remained in contact with them at times. We knew about Terry’s fight with Lyme disease and watched the journey the he was on. One of our new friends in Colorado was also diagnosed with Lyme about the same time Terry had been Florida. We watched her painful journey with Lyme as she pursued many different options that mostly did not work. When we found out that Terry had finally won the battle that he had been pursuing over Lyme we contacted him and told him about our friend here in Colorado. Terry and Becky wanted to help in any way possible; we decided to join in with our friends here and pulled together our little group, 3 married couples, each couple having challenges. My wife and I had already been on a journey to improve my lifestyle and physical condition and had improved it some. If we had not decided to help a friend, I would still be back where I started and that is not how I wanted to live out the rest of my life. Everyone in the group has been helped in some manner and the friend with Lyme is close to being normal again. Through this journey I have discovered how much we put in our bodies that is bad for us and will never go back to that lifestyle again. Thanks Terry and Becky!

Charlie, Age 79 - No More Statin Drugs!
No More Statins, Lost 16 pounds, & More Energy

Hi, my name is Charlie. So far, I have lost 16 pounds and 1 inch around my waistline. I have a lot more energy and have worked with my doctor to cut out my statin drugs as well. At my age of 79, it is hard to lose weight, but with Terry’s coaching it has been easy. I highly recommend it.

Found the Fountain of Youth

Terry educated me on how to get my energy and enthusiasm back and I never thought it would be possible! I'm 55 years old and I feel like I did when I was in my 30's!!! He's the best!

Fast Weight Loss, Improved Energy & Mental Clarity

I had a consult with Paradigm Wellness about 6 months ago. I was extremely skeptical of the diet shift they had in mind and at first, and I neglected to give it a try. A few months later, still feeling fatigued, head fog, sluggish, and struggling to lose the extra weight I've been trying to lose for years, I returned with the will power to give it a try. Mind you, I workout 5-6 days a week and eat pretty clean and healthy, or at least what I thought was clean and heatlhy. I used to track my macros and focus on a high protein, high carb diet with "healthy" processed carbs like oats, rice, etc. As someone who has tried all sorts of extreme dieting, yo-yo-ed with my weight and suffered from an eating disorder, the idea of shifting my diet to eat a high, healthy fat-diet terrified me. Paradigm strongly encouraged me to trust the process and know that "fat doesn't make you fat." I gave up my doubts and got on board with the program. In the beginning I was a little tired as my body transitioned from burning carbs as fuel to burning fat as fuel. Within a week I was feeling great. I was focusing on the basics of eating more REAL food. Lots of vegetables, more hydration and lots of healthy fats. I look forward to my bullet proof coffee every morning and I've enjoyed reading up on keto-diets and how to remove toxins from my system. I didn't find myself feeling as hungry all the time or craving the sweets and junk food I used to binge on since I was no longer having spikes in my blood sugar. I dropped a pant size, but more importantly, I feel really great. I was proud that I was able to overcome the worry of a number on a scale or counting my macros through an app and just get back to basics and learn how to detox and care for my body. Focusing on real food and making the adjustments to my diet recommended by Paradigm has been really eye-opening. Sure, I still enjoy treats now and again and I might fall-off of my regimen from time to time, but with the knowledge I've gained I always know how to get back on track with my wellness plan. I'm very grateful for the services offered and the time they take to really get to know you. They are real people who really care. This is not a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme. This is a program they've developed to remedy their own health issues and they want to use this to help friends, family and others around the world.