Starter Kit – Supplements, Tea, and Food!

I use all of the products in this “Starter Kit” section.  Check with your health care professional when deciding on supplements.

  1.  Instead of a single multi-vitamin, I take the component ingredients separately.
  2.  These two teas have helped me immensely!  Milk Thistle seed for natural liver detox, and licorice root  for adrenal support.
  3.  Chia seeds, gelatin (collagen), and MCT oil contribute to my well being.

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Additional Supplements

Personal Care Products – Our Picks Are Clean and Chemical Free!

Many name brand shampoo, conditioner, soap, antiperspirant, lotion, cream, toothpaste, and makeup products contain a plethora of toxic, cancer causing chemicals that absorb through the skin and build up in the bloodstream, tissues, joints, organs and even the brain.  Personal care products are the second largest source of toxins in our bodies (food is the first!).  Avoid them by sourcing clean products.  I live by the principle to “not put anything on my body that I can’t put in my body’ i.e. use food as cleansers!  Here’s how:

  1.      Shikakai Powder to wash hair.  Leaves hair clean and soft, no conditioner needed.  Take one TBSP of powder, make a paste, and work into hair.
  2.      Rice bran instead of soap on your face and body.  Rice bran exfoliates and has B vitamins that absorb into the skin.  Men, try shaving with just a blade (no soap) after washing your face with rice bran.
  3.       Use corn starch instead of deodorant.  Or use a natural, non toxic deodorant.
  4.       If the above is too adventurous for you, then use Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner (Rated very very clean by independent third party).
  5.      Use castile soap to wash hands.  It only has two ingredients, water and soap!
  6.      Brush teeth with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and sea salt.  Or try Uncle Harry’s Natural Toothpaste.

Food, Tea, Coffee & Herbs –  Organic and As Close to Nature’s Source As You Can Get!

Terry’s Healthy Travel Hacks – Easy To Pack Foods For My Seven Point “Road Warrior” Plan

1)  I pack every one of these items.  I wear the “Mini Mate” personal air purifier when on the airplane. 2) Land at the airport and mapquest the nearest Whole Foods or grocery store with organic food, 3) Pick up organic greens, beets, carrots, celery, berries, Kerrygold butter, 1/2 dozen pasture raised eggs. 4) Check in at hotel and stock mini fridge. 5) The next morning I make three green drinks with my Magic Bullet (add raw eggs for extra protein).  I drink one and save the other two for later in the day.  For “on the go” hunger attacks, I carry Primal Kitchen bars, macadamia nuts, and Wild Pacific sardines (great protein source in an easy travel tin). 6)  Before I leave for a client dinner, I drink one of my green drinks and an apple with almond butter.  Then I order light and as healthy as possible, 7)  I take 5 to 10 grams of vitamin C and three b-complex per day to support my immune system and combat stress.

Terry’s Sleep Hacks for Maximum ZZZZZ’s

Quality sleep is critical for overall health as this is when the body repairs itself at the cellular level.  This is my “sleep hygiene” ritual. 1)  Put on blublocker or Tru Dark glasses one hour before bed to initiate natural melatonin (sleep hormone) production. 2)  No screens (phone, tablet, computer, tv) one hour before bed. 3)  1 cup Epson Salt and 5 drops Lavender essential oil in warm bath. 4)  Take magnesium and 2 MG melatonin prior to bed. 5)  Make the bedroom a “sleep cave,” cool and pitch dark. 6)  Reduce harmful EMF’s during sleep; a) put phone on airplane mode, b) turn off wifi router, c) turn breaker to bedroom OFF at night. 7)  Start essential oil diffuser with lavender. 8)  Put on Sleep-phones (for side sleepers) or noise cancelling headphones (use only wired headphones, not wireless!) and plug into the Sleep Stream Binaural Beats app (app store) to “train” your brain to sleep.  Put cell phone on airplane mode.  Put on sleep mask. 9)  Take six “box breaths” i.e. inhale for 6 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, repeat five more times.  10)  Try an Earthing Half Sheet” to get negative ion energy from the earth.  Enjoy…


Fridge filtered, plastic bottled, pitcher filtered, well water, city water – it ALL contains some combination of chlorine, fluoride, industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotic residue, and more!   Authorities acknowledge this and therefore establish “safe levels” of contaminants for the population – but I’m not taking any chances!  I drink only distilled or reverse osmosis water filtered at home.  If you want to know what contaminants are in the water that comes out of your tap, go to this tap water database and check for yourself.  For example, the tap water at my home has 3 cancer causing contaminants above safe levels, and 7 other detected contaminants according to this database!  Soooo, here’s my water strategy.

  1.       I only drink distilled water from my Megahome Water Distiller.  Reverse osmosis water is also acceptable.
  2.       Store water in glass carafes (with tops) on counter or in fridge.
  3.       Take two 20 oz. Bino glass water bottles (no plastic!) with me for the day.
  4.        Use distilled or RO water for coffee, tea, and for cooking.
  5.        A hot shower opens up your pores and provides easy access to your brain and body for chlorine and other junk.  Use a shower filter.
  6.        Use a bath ball water filter for tub baths.  Your skin is a two-way organ.  It lets toxins out, but also lets them in!


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