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My journey, my marriage, and my family

I battled lyme disease and co-infections (a complex bacterial, viral and autoimmune condition) for 14 years. I was sidelined from crushing fatigue that reduced my work capacity to about 3 hours a day, and cut my parent and husband responsibilities by 98%. When I was not “attempting” to work, I was in bed.  There was no energy for anything else. Work, take a nap in my car, and home to bed was my daily routine. It was devastating to my children (especially my oldest) to mourn the loss of the father they once knew.  It was devastating to my wife, who had to pick up the slack, be a caregiver, and somehow maintain her sanity. And it was devastating to me not only physically, but also due to the guilt, disappointment and disillusionment I carried.  I simply could not fulfill my responsibilities and pursue my personal or professional goals any longer.

My work, marriage, and family life is restored. Once again, I have renewed energy, dreams and plans!

Finally, I was freed of dependence on antibiotics, antiviral pills, and other pharmaceuticals. My symptoms have resolved, and I have my life back. I was operating at about 35% at my worst, plateaued at about 55-65% for many years, and now I am off drugs and functioning at 90-95% – and 100% is within reach! My work, marriage, and family life is restored. Once again, I have renewed energy, dreams and plans!

I credit my recovery to a natural protocol developed by Dr Jennifer Daniels (

Before discovering Dr Daniels’ approach, I spent over a decade and $140,000 on failed mainstream and alternative therapies (See the list below. It’s crazy!).  What’s even crazier is that many of these protocols actually INCREASED my painful symptoms instead of mitigating them!  That’s because a predominant paradigm in the lyme disease world subscribes to the  “no pain, no gain” philosophy. Some patients must endure and accept brutal Herxheimer reactions (aka die off) as part of the process. However, just the opposite was true in my case with Dr. Daniels approach – all gain, no pain.  I experienced steady improvement week after week without relapse or Herx reactions.

I spent over a decade and at least $140,000 on failed mainstream and alternative therapies.  See the list below.  It’s crazy!

Simultaneous to doing Dr Daniels protocol, I also got serious about exploring the mind/body connection for healing. I learned that emotional trauma and baggage created conscious and subconscious thought patterns that suppressed my immune system and slowed my progress.  In fact, at my first visit with an  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, she stated, “you are choosing to make yourself sick!”  I thought, “Whaaat?, No way!  Why would anyone WANT to be sick?”  I put my denial, anger, and disbelief aside and decided to trust the process.  After doing the work, “peeling the onion”, and facing my demons, I emerged happier, healthier and more content as a result.  I believe that this process freed up precious immune system “bandwidth” and accelerated my progress. I also employed NLP (neurolinguistic programming), visualization, prayer, yoga, and breathing techniques to aid my healing.

Finally, spousal support has been a huge and critical component in my journey. My wife, Becky, and I have spent 14 of our 33 years of marriage successfully navigating the emotional, spiritual, marital, work, and family challenges that often go along with chronic conditions. Our journey as a patient (me) and caregiver (Becky) team has inspired me to encourage others that arechallenged.

In summary, Becky and I were so excited with the results that we traveled to South America and attended Dr Daniels “Panama Retreat.” We received intensive, hands on training in her natural approach.  Additionally, our ongoing education includes the Primal Health Coach Certification program, Paleo Fx and Truth About Cancer conferences, numerous online summits, and more.  As a result, I have made it my mission to share my experience with others.

Becky and I have four children – Mason, Casey, Hannah and Rachel. We place faith, family, and helping others as our top priorities.


Below is a partial list of very expensive institutions, modalities and protocols I have personally tried over the past 14 years, which DID NOT bring me to full health:

  • Mainstream family practice docs
  • Mayo Clinic (benign label i.e. chronic fatigue, reduce stress)
  • MD/ND
  • Alternative MD  
  • Chinese healers
  • Infectious disease specialists
  • Oral abx
  • IV abx
  • Anti viral meds
  • Anti parasite meds
  • Anti-depressants
  • Stimulants (provigil, nuvigil, etc)
  • Steroids
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Aerophyto therapy
  • Microcurrent (I own a one)
  • Rife/frequency therapy (I own two rife machines)
  • Asea
  • Supplements, supplements, supplements
  • Diet adjustments (clean, organic)
  • Sauna
  • Ultraviolet blood irradiation
  • IV high dose vitamin C
  • IV ozone therapy
  • Frequency specific herbal tinctures
  • IV chelation (metals)
  • IV nutritional cocktails (Myers, glutathione, etc)
  • High dose liposomal vitamin  C
  • Liposomal melatonin
  • Electrodermal screening (diagnostic)
  • Zyto (diagnostic)
  • Live blood microscopy
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry (antidepressants, stimulants)
  • Meditation

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