Learn a new, simpler way to take charge and enjoy your life with far less reliance on the mainstream system. It's possible for the human body to correct itself at home using straightforward, common sense solutions! The secret is balanced hydration, whole foods, detoxification, lifestyle, and natural substances that support your immune system's primary mission - to keep you protected by warding off parasites, candida, pathogens and more. Educating you is our mission. Your road to vitality starts at the grocery store!



Feeling lousy is often caused by disequilibrium of one or more of these five ``pillars of well being``. A common sense approach re-balances each category including 1) hydration, 2) digestive function, 3) good food, 4) toxin elimination, and 5) parasites.

Emotional / Spiritual

Chronic challenges often trigger emotions or spiritual crises that can drain the immune system of its precious resources to achieve balance. Constructively navigating family, friends, marriage, work, and spiritual relationships is critical to the process. My personal journey in a marriage, with one of us as patient and the other as caregiver (while raising four children!), has given me the empathy and understanding in navigate this critical area to overall balance.

Enviromental / EMF

Toxins, toxins everywhere! From the food supply, personal care products, household cleaners and electromagnetic frequencies (pollution from cell phones, wifi and wireless technology), many experts believe we are under constant assault from poisons that rob us of our vitality. Mitigate the effects of the constant ``sewage line`` of invisible chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and EMF's that attack us everyday.

You're not alone.

A full, active life and feeling great is within reach.